Guro photoIn our passion for understanding we gradually unveil the nature of this gloriously beautiful play of shapes and colours and discover ourselves, happiness, truth, God or whatever name we have given our longing.

Navigating back to the core of who we are however, we face what we experience as mental and emotional obstacles.  Our conviction in the reality of these seeming obstacles is what we need to question if we are serious in our inquiry.

However, when it comes to personal identity it can get pretty sticky and we are challenged to expose the things we are most afraid of and most ashamed of. We are challenged to expose it all so that we can be liberated and ultimately see that our fears were no more than dreams in our heads. No story has the power to define who we are, because we are always beyond story. What a freedom and what a joy to see this.

I invite you to question the things that seem solid, problematic and heavy in your life so that we may together move towards a kinder and more loving human culture. A culture arising from the truth of our very nature.

With love and respect

Guro S.G.


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